A Few Maintenance Tips

Keeping your bike running longer...

Chain Stretch

Chains stretch out over time. When they do they cause premature wear on the cogs. If a rider continues to ride on a chain that is overly stretched, the cogs will become ruined and when a new chain is put on, it will not function properly. This leads to expensive repairs, as not only the chain has to be replaced but the gears will have to be replaced as well.  We recommend riders have their chains measured for wear at a minimum of 600 miles. This is a service we provide for free. Spending money on a new chain periodically will save money in the long run.

Keeping your chain clean and well lubricated will extend its life.  Lubing the pivots of your derailleurs will also help keep your bicycle shifting and running smoothly.

Tire Inflation

On the sidewall of a tire, you will find the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.  You should check your tire pressure at a minimum of every two weeks, or one week for road bikes.  Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure will help prevent multiple kinds of flats, especially pinch flats. The average road tire can lose as much as 20 pounds per square inch (PSI) in a week.

Brake Pad Wear

Check your brake pads for wear on a regular basis.  Riding a bicycle in wet weather will wear out your brake pads quickly.  We are in a hilly area so it makes sense to keep your brakes working to the maximum of their potential. Also understand that because we are in a hilly area, your pads might wear down much faster than if we lived in a flatter area.