Brice Erickson's Fit Education and Certifications

Fit training, seminars  and certifications

started formal bicycle  fit  training in 1993 , was trained by Michael Sylvester , was in the first fit class ( 2 day )  he taught  (1993)  ,   worked and trained with him for 4 years while working at Bike Gallery  in Portland OR .

started B&L Bicycles in  1996, with bike fitting as one of the  core principles and service , fun fact the very first transaction on the day we opened involved bike fitting.

attended Serotta Professional bike fit seminar , the Serotta  seminar was one of the first fitting classes to teach the use of evidence based bike  fit,  using anatomy , range of motion , body function testing ,  so that the bicycle was fit to the body according to  medical science, the original Serotta fit program was developed  by Michael Sylvester .   Saratoga springs,  NY  2001,  3 day class  instructors, Michael Sylvester  ,  Ben Serotta , Clay Mankin  , ( met Paraic McGylnn at that class )

hosted an on-site 2 day fitting class  2002  in Pullman for staff , Michael Sylvester instructor.

attended Trek Fit Services level 2 seminar in 2008 , 3 day ,this class  focused  on aero / time trial fitting , lower body anatomy, function testing  and kinetic movement,     instructors/ Presenters  Michael Sylvester , Mark Timmerman MD , Warren Mays CPO , Jay Dicharry PT SCS.

attended Precision Fit  level 2 ,  this class focused on body function testing , anatomy and using Pressure Analysis Technology  in advanced fitting ,    2015 at  Cyclologic Scottsdale,  Instructors  Paraic McGylnn , Wolfgang Oswald PT OCS , Matt Gehling

attended Precision Fit  Level 3 ,  this class  focused on foot and leg anatomy , use of insole Pressure Analysis technology, Force Analysis and advanced saddle pressure mapping .   2017 at Cyclologic  Scottsdale, Instructors Paraic  McGylnn , Matt Gehling.

 Certified level 3 Bicycle Fitter by  International Bike Fitting Institute

additional education , meet with Michael Sylvester 2-4 times a year for general fitting information exchanges ,  stay in contact with Matt Gehling and Paraic McGlynn , questions and information exchanges, regularly  attend online webinars

I have spent quite a bit of time in the last 25 years doing  self-directed study in body  movement , anatomy, yoga , strength/rehabilitation  training  often related to fitting .

I teach a basics of bicycle fitting class for new store staff  and often do fit presentations locally

 Practical fit experience.

I have done over 7000 fittings over the last 25 years , working with all different levels of riders  from casual riders to regional pros  , from children to people in their 80's . my fit clientele is a little different than most,  as I am in a rural region  and my fit area  is  highly visible to the general public and often people who have issues but are not aware of what  can be done  in bike fit,  are exposed to  high level fitting and the technology we incorporate into the process, this draws in a rider often not seen in the fit studios in large metro areas, these riders can  often bring unique fit  challenges and injures not seen in the pro level riders ,  hence things like  the skewed massive saddle selection  are a result of a very wide range fit levels and needs  I see regularly. in season I average 1-3  fits a day along with follow up sessions.