Buying a Bicycle From B&L Bicycles vs Directly from Trek

Buying from us vs buying from Trek

You now have 2 options to purchase a Trek bicycle!

  • Purchasing In-Shop from
    B&L Bicycles:

  • Expert consultation to assist you in
    selecting the appropriate style and model of bike for YOUR needs and desires.
  • Right Size Guarantee.
  • Complimentary Professional Bike
    Sizing—a $75 value.
  • Complimentary exchange of stem and or handlebars as part of Professional Sizing.
  • 13 months complimentary adjustment
  • Complimentary Accessory Installation.
  • In-Shop Trade—Up Program.

         Guaranteed B&L Bicycles Assembly

  • Purchasing Direct from Trek Bicycles(

  • Ability to shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The store is always open!
  • Guaranteed B&L Bicycles Assembly.
  • Delivery Available within 50 miles. ($50 charge)


B&L Bicycles’ Services available for purchase:

  • Sizing & Fitting.
  • Exchange of stems and or handlebars.
  • Service Packages.