Electric Pedal Assist Bicycles we stock

Electric Pedal Assist Bikes we stock

 We carry electric pedal assist bikes from Trek and Electra

Trek is a huge player in the e-Bike market worldwide, they have been offering more models in the USA in recent times  so we now have access to quite a few more types and models of bikes from them .

Why is this important?  because they have a many years of experience in designing , making and servicing E-Bikes  ,  the product we see here in the USA is been extensively proven in the European market, this means that you can  have the peace of mind when you purchase a Trek E-bike knowing it has been thoroughly tested  and refined in real world conditions   before they offered  it here .

Side note, if you want to get an some  idea of just  how many bike varieties they make that we can’t access over here just log in to trek bikes and change country to U.K  and that is just for Trek , they also own several other bike companies focused on Trekking  ( urban use )  that they don’t sell in the USAmarket .

Trek offers Electric Assist bikes is a number of types and models including  comfort bikes , commuter bikes , mountain bikes .

See Treks Electric Assist Collection Here 

Electra offers the very popular flat foot designed  Townie  Go E-bike   in multiple stylish colors and it features a very comfortable cruiser position   with a 8 speed internally geared hub matched with a Bosch Assist  system

See Electra Townie Go here 

We have stock in store for short test rides and Rentals for longer rides ( rental price can be applied to purchase )

When you purchase these bikes from us in the store , we offer all the same services that we do on non-pedal assist bikes , this includes the right size guarantee , basic bicycle sizing , 13 months free adjustments and of course our expertise and experience to make sure you get the right product .

A few thoughts from Brice when choosing a pedal Assist E-Bike

I have ridden all of types of E-bikes that  both Trek and Electra make over the years .

For the most upright riding position a Electra Townie Go or Trek Lift + are the way to go .

For the maximum versatility I can make a pretty strong case for the Trek pedal assist mountain bikes .

Here is why , normally with a mountain bike the rolling resistance of wider tires on a on a paved surface will slow you down making it harder to ride , this is why bicycles with smoother narrower tires roll faster and are often the preferred  choice for commuting , paved  trail riding or road riding .

With Pedal Assist the rolling resistance is no longer an issue for the use of a wider tire on pavement , in fact the wider tire offers more traction , smoother ride ,rolls through potholes , railroad tracks and  curb edges like a boss, the Trek Powerfly  hardtail series was designed for the European market so they  have some features for commuting use that higher end mountain bikes don’t have here,  like kickstand mounts built into the frame and rack and fender hardware options for year round pavement use , so the mountain bike can be rigged for daily commuter pavement riding and be ready to explore all the gravel roads around here , plus ride it  to the mountains if you wish .

Bottom line it is possiable to purchase one E-bike and have it ride all places and surfaces well .

I have been riding a Trek Full suspension Powerfly 8 with 27.5 x 2.8 inch tires and with Bosch assist set on Eco mode it rolls with about the same effort as my 16lbs Trek Domane six series road bike. It is so much fun to ride , off road it performs like the like the top end mountain bike like it is ,on the road it acts like the smoothest fastest road bike you can buy  and on the  washboard gravel roads that dominate the Palouse and have very low traffic it smooths them with the suspension and the 2.8 mid fat tires so that they feel like you are riding the paved  Chipman and Latah trails  .

And yes you can commute all winter long with lots of cold weather gear .