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Kid's Bike trade up program

When you buy a new kid's bike from B&L Bicycles,

you can bring it back within 3 years and trade it in.

At that time, we will give you up to 50% of what

you paid for it as credit toward your purchase

of the next bicycle.

Strider Balance bikes

Sizing and Fitting kids bikes  


the kids bike trade up program is in effect till they reach their full adult height , so yes this program also applies  to our adult sized bikes as they grow into that size range .

The kid’s bike’s we sell are not cheap throw away bikes, they are well made machines, that we assemble and tune here in the store, they are designed for optimum fit, maximum safety, light weight and long term durability.

Because of the quality of these bikes they will last almost indefinitely so long as rubber parts are changed out every now and then, provided they don’t get left behind the car and get backed over.

 Due to the durability and quality of these kid’s bikes, we have an ever-rotating stock of nice used kid’s bikes, once you purchase a new or used kid’s bike from us you are part of kid’s bike trade-up program and can trade-up the bike you bought toward either new or used bikes.

If you don't bring that bike in within three years, we'll still buy it back from you, just not for a guaranteed 50% of the original value. Instead, we'll look it over and tell you what we'll give for it if you want to trade it in. 

We do not guarantee a 50% trade–up on used kids bikes purchased from us, however if they are in good condition you will generally receive 50% of your original purchase price