Shimano Nexave Front derailleur FD-T401

Shimano Nexave Front derailleur FD-T401


The Nexave 400 series  front derailleur is made to work with a triple crankset  and is designed to work with a large chainring of 46 or 48 teeth for optimal shifting  , the middle chain ring needs to be at least 10 teeth smaller then the large ring , and the small ring should not be smaller then 20 teeth of the large rings size , here are couple examples of combos are a match , 48-38-28 or 46-36-26  etc.

Nexave is Shimano’s dedicated Hybrid  / Cross / Trekking  / Urban  Parts kit , there where four different quality levels of parts available that used the Nexave label ,The derailleur’s where available in the USA from the mid 1990s to 2006 (Shimano still produces them for other world markets).

This derailleur is compatible shimano  mtn shifters , Sram trigger or grip shifters and shimano bar-con levers , they will not shift properly if you try to use them with Shimano road STI shift levers .

Here are the four Nexave levels of quality and their equivalent levels of quality in Shimanos mountain line up , higher quality derailleurs generally are made of harder alloys and have a longer wear life .

Nexave 600 series = Deore XT

Nexave  400 series = Deore

Nexave 300 series = Alivo

Nexave 200 series = Altus

The 600 series was designed for 9 speed systems or bicycles with 27 gears

The 400,300,200 series was designed for 7-8 speed systems or bicycles with 21or 24 gears

This FD-T401 (400 series) derailleur has a clamp size of 34.9 mm or 1-3/8 in , you can clamp this to the other two smaller sizes of 31.8mm and 28.6mm if you have derailleur clamp shims , they are not included with this derailleur but are available at most bicycle stores . the derailleur  is top pull , this means that the cable is pulled from the top of the bicycle .

 These are great choice for fixing or putting together hybrid or touring bicycles , also many older mtn bikes used larger chainring combos especially previous to  1993 and these derailleurs will work with older five and six speed drivetrains .

Shimano tech documents for this derailleur  are at


 To find out if this clamp size fits your bike you will need to either look at the front derailleur  that came on the frame , most are stamped  with a size on the inside  of the clamp of the derailleur OR measure the outside diameter of the seat tube where the derailleur clamps to the frame.

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