SpeedPlay Pedals

Our favorite clipless pedal system

A bicycle has three major contact points; the handlebars, the saddle, and the pedals. Because these contact points represent the human-to-bike interface, everybody has a different idea of what they want in the components related to those interfaces. Ever since the clipless revolution of the mid 1980s, the world has gone clipless. If you want to experience the benefits of clipless too, or just want to upgrade your current set up, we have a variety of pedal systems for you to choose.

For road bike applications, we have a strong preference for the Speedplay brand pedal systems. We are a stocking Speedplay dealer and have equipped a good many of our customers with them over the years. There are a multitude of reasons why we like them, from the fact that the performance features of the Speedplay Zero Pedal System read like a pro racer's wish list, to the company's willingness to work with us on warranty issues. The fact that they're made here in America sure does help, too.

Speedplay Pedals

As you may know, our shop specializes in a good bike fit. One of Speedplay's strong points is free non-centering float characteristics. All of their pedals allow your foot to rotate up to 15 degrees while still locked into the pedal. Many people with knee problems are deterred from clipless pedal systems because the repetitive motion of cycling causes strain, strain that can be overcome with float. The float on Speedplay pedals is micro-adjustable in both heel-in and heel-out directions. The cleats offer lots of adjustablity too. Fore-aft positioning and side-to-side positioning are adjustable indepent of each other. Custom spindle lengths are available too, though at an additional charge.

They go so much farther than that, though. In addition to being adaptable pedals for people with knee issues, they're also extremely durable, servicable, lightweight, and provide excellent positive engagement. They're available in colors, they have the best cornering clearance of any other road pedal, a very wide platform for excellent power transfer, and an excellent warranty. They really are unique in that none of their competitors offer the same combination of features all in one package. We could elaborate for pages and pages why all these features add up to the best road pedal, but you can find all of that information better-written on their website.

Head on over to www.speedplay.com to learn more.

To see an interesting video about Speedplay pedals, check out this video.