About Us

Our Goal

Our goal at B & L Bicycles is to ensure that customers enjoy their cycling experience. We achieve this by choosing the appropriate bicycle for you and customizing it to your wants and needs. We promise to sell the appropriately sized bicycle and fine tune it so that the handlebar, seat post, seat and stem suit your body and riding style.

We also give a risk-free promise. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, return it within 30 days. We will refit it, adjust it, exchange it, exchange certain components or give your money back.*


Customer Services


Quality Assembly and 13 months service

Bicycles do not arrive at bicycle shops built and adjusted. Companies build their own frames and buy most of the parts on them from other companies. These parts rarely come adjusted. For example bearings on bike wheels often come out of the box overly tight. If they are not adjusted or improperly adjusted, the wheels will never roll properly and will prematurely deteriorate. In addition to the bearings, we also check and adjust wheel trueness; from there we adjust the brakes and the gears, lubing any parts that need it along the way. All bolts and screws on the bike are tightened to the correct tension.

Once our employee finishes assembling the bike, they record the serial number and sign off on the bike. In addition to building the bicycle properly, we take every bike for a test ride to make sure everything is running smoothly. This assures a high degree of accountability for every bike we build. As we have built the bicycle correctly, we know it will break in in a predictable manner. This allows us to give 13 months of free service on all the adjustments your bicycle needs.


Company Values

1. To provide & promote an outstanding cycling experience to our customers because they are important to us.

2. To create a welcoming, friendly, and non intimidating store environment.

3. Have a passion for excellence and a positive "can do" attitude.

4. Have unyielding integrity and honesty, tempered with tact.

5. Be committed to continuous improvement.

6. Be accountable and honor our commitments.