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Bicycle Art used in the Store

This is bicycle parts and Art used in the store. 

the Gate, made from old bed frame has a tensioned worn out chain ring in the center  with cassette  cogs and chain .

this old WSU lab stool has been is use here since 1996, as it fell apart things got replaced with old bicycle parts .

the flower and Candle holder , this done by Bruce Hoff who made these for the bathroom  after making   similar items as a valentines gift for his significant other. Bruce was a very creative individual worked as long time bicycle mechanic in the Moscow Pullman area , he liked to use bicycle parts in creative ways . he passed away in 2017 .

More of Bruce Hoff touches to the bathroom

door chime protector's this where  made around 2006 after the door chime units kept getting hit and played with they where in use for about 15 years .

  In the big remodel of winter 2014 we installed the Bike cloud (our two tiered Bicycle storage system)  we had a professional  lighting plan created also,  when the estimate came out it was about 30,000 dollars for equipment and fixtures for the lighting system, which was not in our budget .

we created a lighting system that attaches to the Uni-Srut  made with bicycle Stems and work-chicken coop lights at about 6 dollars a fixture it was  much more appropriate , to see just look up when in the store .  

Business card holders , made up for the store originally, after a few requests , I will make them up  as wanted and they are in our catalog . purchase Business Card Holder

Brochure Holders ,  a neat clean stylish way to keep brochures under control .