Buying a Bicycle From B&L Bicycles

Buying a Bicycle From B&L Bicycles

For many people the idea of going into a bike shop to purchase a new bike can be a bit intimidating. Many have had bad experiences in a shop where did not feel they were treated well. Women in particular often complain of bad experiences in bike shops. They feel that the sales person with whom they dealt was not a good listener and and did not offer what they wanted.

At B&L Bicycles we try to make the process of buying a bike as easy and painless as we can. When you come in, you will be greeted by one of our staff. After greeting you, we find out why you came into our store. If it's for a bike, we try to determine what type of riding you expect or want to do. From here we can determine what type of bike might work best. We will show you a few models that fit in your price range.

The fit of the bike is very important. We may determine which type of bike is best for you--mountain bike, hybrid bike, or road bike--however, evthe fit varies significantly with different types of bikes. Some bikes have a relatively long reach to the handlebar that is quite low and other bikes have shorter reaches to the handlebar that is higher. 

When we have found out what type of bike you works best for you, we get into our fitting process. First we determine the right size bike. Many bikes come in 7 or more sizes. Once we have you on the right size of bike, we take the time to fit the bike to you. Read here about how we do this.

Once you have chosen a bike and decide to buy it, we are still not finished. We will explain to you how the shifting works, how the braking works, and how to use the quick release levers on the wheels. We also give you an idea of what type of maintenance you can do to the bike--mainly airing the tires and keeping the chain lubricated. When we sell a new bike we also give 13 months of free service on it.