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E-Bike Maintenance and System Details 

The Electric Pedal Assist systems we sell are top quality systems , with proper maintenance and care they will last for many years .

Below are details about the systems , recommendations for maintenance about the different parts of the system .

Maintaining an E-Bike  

Quality E-bike systems work best with proper care , regular updates on the systems firmware  should be done 2-4 times a year, most folks ride a lot more so Chains and Brake pads should be checked approximately every 500 miles to make sure they are in good condition , with a Bosch system you may see the wrench show up on the screen that means it is time to have it checked  


all about Bosch & Shimano Battery's / powerpack systems , 

All about Battery's

Basics of Pedal Assist Bikes 

some basic information on what pedal assist is and why we choose to stock what we do .

Mid Drive Motor Overview  

Mid Drive Motors have radically changed the E-bike world , with the low center of gravity they make the bike ride and feel normal, they simplify the mechanical maintenance and they can  use electrical power very efficiently increasing the range an each charge .   

Overview of Mid Drive Motors

Controller and Head Units 

Diagnostic Reports and firmware updates  

Bosch and Hydrive  have a great diagnostic systems to identify any issue's  in the system and to optimize the systems for improved performance , firmware should be updated 2-4 times a year

Replacement or Spare Abus Keys for your Trek or Electra E-bikes

Looking for a replacement or spare Key for your Trek or Electra e-bike ? finding it way more confusing then it should be?

we also found it to be confusing so here is a page that helps make it simple !

Trek & Electra Electric Bike replacement key information