Here is what gebioMized said in introducing the new line of saddles.

“When will gebioMized finally launch their own saddles?”

We have heard this question over and over again over the years. Our answer is: now! After more than 15 years of concentrated experience with custom saddles in cycling, after more than 50,000 analyses of our saddle pressure mappings with thousands and thousands of cyclists whom we have put more comfortably on their bicycles with our bike fittings, we present you our gebioMized saddle line.

Developed by bike fitters, made for bike fitters.


As the first choice for cyclists on the hunt for the best performance, the Sleak is primarily aimed at cyclists that ride with the load on the pubic bone and athletes with narrow pelvis shapes. Available in widths of 135 and 145 mm.


The new gebioMized Area, especially developed for cyclists who mainly ride with a load on their ischium, focuses entirely on comfort. Available in widths of 145 and 155 mm, so that even athletes with larger sit bone distances “get their money’s worth”.


Shape matters! Sleak and Area are available in two different shapes:

  • The V-shape is particularly suitable for athletes who ride with pressure on the saddle nose and in the middle area.
  • The T-shape offers optimal legroom when the rider’s load accumulates on the rear of the saddle.

Channel or cut-out: which version would you like? Sleak and Area are available in two versions in both V- and T-shape:

  • As a cut-out version for cyclists in search of maximum “pressure relief”
  • As a channel version for riders who are looking for a larger contact area.

A Bit From gebioMized on the development 

We go all-in: Our new saddles contain almost all gebioMized know-how we can offer. All our competence and all our experience, for example from the many bike fittings that we have carried out in our gebioMized Concept-Labs. But there is much more. For several years we have been intensively researching the current status of the saddle market with regard to the development of the Sleak and Area.

As a combination of these points we had a clear picture of what a modern saddle line should look like. An image that we have transformed into innovative 3D computer models using CAD design, before we produced the first samples using a 3D printer and finally a CNC milling process. State-of-the-art technology from the first measurement to the final product!

But does our theory also work in real cycling? This is exactly what gebioMized Sleak and Area had to prove on countless test rides across all performance classes. And that is exactly what they have done successfully. Among other things, some models were ridden during a rather significant cycling tour in France in July – with great success.

The Secret Saddle Club also played a decisive role in the success of this project: a conspiratorial association of bike fitters from all over the world who have at any time provided valuable input from their everyday work with their cyclists.