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Insole Pressure Mapping 

GebioMized & Precision Fit  Insole Pressure Analysis Data, allows us to precisely measure what the foot is doing in the pedal stroke.

Here are some of the applications 

  • Analysis of the fitting components cycling shoe & pedal system
  • Optimal positioning of the cleats
  • Analysis of cycling movements (to minimize asymmetries
  • Sensible measuring tool in a professional bikefitting
  • Analysis of specific fitting tools (shims, wedges)
  • Customization of individual cycling insoles
  • Changes at the the foot and changes at the saddle will affect each other , with Saddle and Insole pressure analysis combined we can see and measure the effects of each of these contact points , this allows for advanced fitting solutions .

The Technology 

Pressure Analysis Technology, known as P.A.T for short, is an amazing tool for advanced bicycle fitting.

Insole Pressure Mapping uses a series of thin insole shaped pads that fit inside the shoes , the pad has a number of individual pressure sensors , each insole is  connected to Wi Fi  transmitter which the computer program connects too .

The computer programs that we use are  Precision Fit a custom developed software with has enhanced graphic  data  and gebioMized software suite which has advanced analysis  fields and longer data capture times. 

Left and right side pressure and force comparison

This data is extremely powerful and useful in analysis of force , as it is capturing the information at the point of power leaving the body and transferring into the cycle, the high level of detail can be used for improving watt output , identifying muscle imbalances, tracing fit issues , etc 

Note, this data is most usable when combined with full level two fitting as it is affected by everything above the cranks and without full body function testing, the data can be easily become a bad data in , bad data out situation  

Insole pressure  Mapping & analysis

This shows exactly what is happening between the foot and the shoe , this allows for accurate measurable changes to be made a number of areas such as shoe and cleat fitting , insoles and support, effects either positively or negatively  of any wedges or shims if there is evidence in function testing  for them , detailed reports of each foot is available . 

Detailed data on foot pressure  

This view allows us to see detailed Foot pressure in each zone , where Max pressure values are and location on foot Left and right side pressure , this can be very valuable when looking at insole supports , cleat positioning , shoe & sole  shape .