Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Full Time Mechanics Job Description for B&L Bicycles

The mechanics job is an interesting one, it is mentally challenging, uses a diverse skill set, is rarely boring or repetitious, and best of all you get paid to work with bicycles.

The full time mechanic at B&L must be a well-rounded person. In addition to being skilled mechanically, the individual must be able to double as a salesperson.

We expect our mechanics to be willing to be teachable and become skilled in all parts of our business in which we interact with our customers.

They must be able to live by our company values, mission statement and the characteristics listed in the job application and work well with their fellow staff.

In season mechanics are expected to be doing the following (this is not a complete list but simply an overview)

Service writing (checking in and estimating repairs) strong communication skills and tact will be needed.

Repairing bicycles.

Finishing the repair sales and communicating what was done.

Assembling new bicycles.

Keeping the shop area clean, organized and stocked.

Effective and efficient use of time is a must.

In the winter (the slower season) full time mechanics will need to help prepare the store for the next season, we work on improving our procedures, training, cleaning and organizing, inventory, web site content, etc.

A great mechanic in our store is one who is able to make the mental switch between working with inanimate objects to dealing with people because they will be called upon to answer phones, greet customers, sell goods, help customers with their questions when other staff is busy and do it with a positive attitude. WHEN CUSTOMERS ARE IN OUR STORE, THEY ARE HERE FOR A REASON.  Staff needs to be ready to provide & promote an outstanding cycling experience to them.  

Here is a link to our application

Salespersons job overview

This is our mission statement; to provide & promote an outstanding cycling experience to our customers and to have a unique store that reflects our values and passion for cycling.

The salesperson's job is to bring our mission statement to life. We depend on our customers to do our advertising for us, we want them raving about us, not at us.

We want individuals who are friendly, helpful, quick to learn, and mature, able to deal with a wide range of personalities and age groups. A love of bicycling and a desire to help others enjoy it is a must.

A salesperson at B&L is expected to learn and become proficient at the following: (we will teach these skills, the salesperson must put in the effort and be able to master them)

The basics of bicycle fitting (as taught by us) and the ability to make sure our customers are comfortable on a bicycle.

A skilled and knowable representation of our store, the products we carry, how and where to use them. People who have an outstanding cycling experience will want to ride more. We as a bicycle retailer want to hook people on cycling; it’s a good, clean, fun, and healthy addiction.

The principals of product display and merchandising, this includes keeping the inside and outside of the store clean and attractive.

Basics of bicycle repair. i.e. how to fix a flat and minor adjustments.  We understand that mechanical aptitude varies from person to person, for this position, it is not necessary to be mechanically inclined

The ability to listen and communicate in terms that the average person can understand is critical at B&L.  Salespeople will be expected to share the features and benefits of the products we carry in a way that non-bicycle enthusiasts can understand.

Tech talk and buzzwords to those who do not understand them can be barrier, intimating and elitist this type of communication is counter to our mission statement and company values.

Selling bicycles and accessories is a fun job, you get to help others enjoy a fun healthy activity, and you are constantly learning new things, this industry is a constantly changing one, so we like take leading edge business practices and adapt them to our unique store, the staff at B&L is very involved in this practice of continuous improvement.  You get to work with other people who love bicycles and have a sense of humor .


Here is a link to our application.