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Tools for solving your saddle problems !

With Saddle Pressure Analysis Technology (P.A.T) 

 What is is and how it works  

Every human pelvic structure is unique , due to an almost infinite number  variables , each person contacts a bicycle seat a little differently.

Saddle Pressure Analysis has greatly expanded our ability to understand  how a person is interacting with a saddle this data allows us see where pressure is at and find  possible  solutions so that the person is supported  in a way that matches their unique body shape.

#1 reason people don't ride bike is the seat hurts and it doesn't have to be that way in most cases !

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The Technology

Pressure Analysis Technology, known as P.A.T for short, is an amazing tool for advanced bicycle fitting. 

It consists of a cover filled with very sensitive pressure sensors that fits over an existing saddle and measures what is happening between the pelvic structure and the saddle, we also have Insole pressure mapping available

The cover has a WiFi transmitter attached to it that feeds the information in to a computer program.

we have two different computer programs that we use with P.A.T ,  one is  a custom developed software called  Precision Fit,  it is a bit more graphics based  , the other is gebioMized  it has advanced data features that are a bit more numbers based .

Saddle Pressure Records 

Each saddle pressure mapping is about 5 sec long and each mapping  is stored on the Client's  Record  screen, we keep track of each one by labeling it so we can see what changes are made as we narrow down the saddle shape to match the pelvic shape .

P.A.T Top View

the the top view allows us to look at what is happening from the perspective of looking down on  the top of the saddle, pressure is measured in millibars,  we can replay the mapping and also compare it with another mapping , in this case we have the beginning  saddle on the left and the final saddle on the right that we recommended .

P.A.T Side View 

the side view of the saddle allows us to another perspective , we can see how the weigh is distributed over the saddle , the black arrow is the center of weight.

P.A.T Back View 

This back view of the saddle allows the perspective of seeing what is happening on the saddle from the back, among other things ,  it gives data on how the pelvis is loading and unloading under pedaling load .

P.A.T Underside View  

This is a fascinating view as it is from the perspective of the bottom of the saddle, it shows each individual pressure sensor in the cover and  pelvic structure is interacting with the saddle , in this screen we can move the cover around on the screen to get different angles of view .

P.A.T Reports Data

Here we have the reports screen allowing the pressure sensor data to be looked at in the 3 quadrants, pubic bone, set bone left and set bone right  , there are lot of variables that affect  this data  and all factors from each view  need to be considered when evaluating saddle shapes 

Using P.A.T to find optimum saddle and bike fit

Using saddle pressure mapping to find the optimum saddle and bicycle fit

You have five contact points on a bicycle, your hands, seat and feet.  Of these the seat is complex and it supports the most critical piece on the body from which motion is transferred both up and down the kinetic chain, the Pelvic structure.

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History of P.A.T

Saddle Pressure Analysis Technology  (P.A.T) was developed by a German company called gebioMized they came up with this technology in 2006 for research in the  bicycle industry .

The patent-registered methods of saddle-pressure measurement have been developed in cooperation with Dr. Claus Oehler (Sport Medicine Specialist, Augsburg) and with constant improvements taking  place based on studies conducted at M√ľnster University.

The Precision Fit software suite  we use  is a very powerful program that has been customized to enhance  the graphics data from  the gebioMized pressure pads to allow for more enhanced  views of the mapping process .

The gebioMized Software suite we use is very detailed program that allows  in-depth insights to the saddle and insole pressure analysis, this program is used in very advanced  fit labs , research & training  centers and a few fit studios.

there are only six locations in the USA according to gebioMized locator that have the gebioMized analysis software and mapping systems , of those there are only two who have both Precision Fit and gebioMized sofware suites , Cyclologic in Scottsdale ,AZ & B&L Bicycles  Pullman , WA 


all bicycle saddle design from the 1870s to 2006 was developed off of peoples opinions and observations , some where better then others but with the introduction of Saddle Pressure Mapping  the world of saddle design and fitting saddles to the individual rider has been revolutionized !