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Solutions for Saddles 

Each human body is unique, so there is no one miracle saddle or style that works for everybody.

We stock over 180 unique saddle shapes, so how do you choose the right one? 

First there are 3 main factors to a good seat saddle fit:

1. The bicycle needs to be the right size.

2. The saddle needs to match the pelvic structure.

3. The bicycle and saddle need to be adjusted so that the rider's contact points are supported correctly.

Contact point issues (hands, seat and feet) are always best addressed in a holistic approach since they all affect one another. This why the comprehensive cycling analysis done in Level 1 & 2 Precision Fits yields the best solutions. 

Check out some of the saddles we stock!

Consult a Fitter About Seats!

We are happy to guide you in a more comfortable ride. Our staff has a wide range of experience in certified Bicycle Fitting.

1. Bring your bike in and point out the areas on the saddle that are uncomfortable.

2. We will then have you sit on a the Saddle Sizer which gives an approximate pelvic width.

3. Then we can make recommendations based on your current saddle experience, approximate pelvic width, and the type and fit of your bike.

We back all of our saddles with a comfort guarantee.

This service is offered at no charge . 

If you wish to consult with Brice on saddles, it is best to make a appointment on his Fit Schedule.

 Call us 509-332-1703

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Try Unlimited Saddles by the Hour

We take your bike put it in the Smart Trainer and either install our Quick Saddle Changer, or use the Fit Cycle if the Quick Saddle Changer does not fit on your bike.

Once we can easily take saddles on and off your bike, we will assist you in trying as many saddles as you like from our 180+ saddle stock. 

This service is 100.00 per hour .

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Saddle Pressure Mapping 

The most accurate way to choose a saddle is with Saddle Pressure Analysis Technology (P.A.T). This tool measures the pressure between the pelvic structure and the saddle while you are riding in 5 second data segments. This data is invaluable in helping us find the best saddle for you, and improving overall bike fit.

See how Saddle Pressure Mapping can work for you! 

This is available with 

Observational Fit and Saddle Pressure Mapping     150.00

Precision Fit Level 1     299.00

Precision Fit Level 2     399.00

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Jumping the Shark

Not all  fit solutions are good or appropriate!

 Other then the obvious reasons find out why you shouldn't put this saddle on your bike