Solutions for Feet 

The foot is the final contact point as your power is applied to the pedals, it is an important and complex element in the fitting process. 

Contact point issues  (hands, seat and feet ) are always best addressed in a holistic approach , as each affects the other,  this why the comprehensive cycling analysis done in  Level 1 & 2 Precision Fits yields the best solutions

 In the Level 1 & 2 Precision Fits  we evaluate the foot in a static and dynamic posture to identify opportunities to improve comfort, alignment or power transfer. The foot assessment data is utilized to determine if your current shoes, pedals and cleats are the appropriate biomechanical and ergonomic solution.

Insole Pressure Mapping 

GebioMized Insole Pressure Analysis Data, allows us to precisely measure what the foot is doing in the pedal stroke.

The proper support and positioning of foot affects the power produced at the pedal and also impacts up the kinetic chain  affecting the knees , hips , pelvic structure, all the up to the skull.    

All about Insole Pressure Analysis

Saddle Pressure Mapping 

What happens at the foot affects pressure on the saddle and conversely what happens on the saddle affects the foot , combining the the data from both Insole and Saddle Pressure Mapping can allow for accurate precise changes   greatly improving fit  the outcomes 

Solving your saddle problems with P.A.T !


The Data from Insole Pressure Mapping has shown most people benefit from a correctly designed insole (one that is based in the research from cycling specific pressure analysis)  when combined  with a correct fitting  cycling shoe that incorporates  stiff sole design , can greatly improve foot comfort and increase watt output.    

About Inform Biodynamic insoles  

Foot Shapes 

Foot shapes come in many variations, a single length  can can have many different physical measurements, each of of these variables need to be considered when finding solutions to support the foot and have comfortable ride.

Bontrager Shoes 

Bontrager Shoes where one of the first companies to incorporate  Insole Pressure Mapping research into their shoe design , they make a very wide range of shoes are designed to provide excellent efficiency, power transfer and have the InForm Upper that conforms to the foot shape. 

Bontrager has an unconditional 30 day comfort guarantee!  

we stock a number of styles and sizes,  we can do a basic foot evaluation to get you the correct fit .

See Bontrager Shoe Line

Lake Shoes 

Lake's motto "one size dose not fit all " is the reason we stock them, most bike shoe manufactures will use one last shape and for wider sizes just add more material to the upper , lake makes multiple unique last shapes , some models are available in 3 completely different lasts shapes  in a single shoe size ! 

We stock many Road & Mtn shoes in the wide width lasts and offer an in store comfort guarantee on shoes we sell based on our foot evaluations.

NOTE, although  Lake  started in the USA they now a  Belgium Company,  Some styles on their web site are not imported to the USA , We and other Bike Fitters have worked closely with the US Distributor to increase the number Last Shapes available in the US , especially the Wide & Extra wide  ones .    

Cleat Fit 

Cleat Fit is important part of Bike Fit, when you have Clipless pedal system and are locking a foot into fixed position on the pedal then rotating it 360 motion each pedal stroke,  having correct alignment at the foot so that it matches the range of motion through the knees , hips & pelvis is critical .

We have a several different options  for cleat fitting depending on the degree  of complexity and level of fit we are doing,

Cleat Fit is included in Level 1 & 2 Precision Fits 

Cleat, Insole Wedges & leg length Shims 

Cleat, Insole  Wedges & leg length  Shims are useful devices to use  when backed by solid function testing, good scientific evidence and in some  cases professional medical  diagnosis. 

you can do real damage by experimenting with these devices, all the rage in the mid 2000's with many industry folks , fitters and a number of so called experts where promoting their use. many of the theories behind their use has been thoroughly debunked in recent years .

we will demonstrate solid evidence when we use them based on function tests , Pressure Mapping  and Motion capture .

Pedal Spindle Length 

the pronation angle of the foot when on a pedal should be similar to the angle foot is off the bike , forcing  the foot into a position that is contrary to it's natural ranges of motion, will introduce stress to the whole kinetic structure causing pain , discomfort and potentially long term damage , for this reason there are several clipless pedal manufacturers offering their pedals in different pedal spindle lengths, wide width foot shapes  often benefit from longer spindles also .

we address these issues in Level 1 & 2 Precision Fits         

Clipless Pedals

We Stock a number of clipless pedals with offerings from Speedplay, Issi , Shimano , etc.

Pedal type and design  are important choices, as some have easier or stiffer levels of engagement,different allowable ranges of rotational movement, spindle length options and support interface with the shoe.

we are happy to consult with you on the appropriate type for your use. 

Care for a bit of Pedal  history ?  check out Speedplay's online Museum of Pedals

Platform Pedals

Some people prefer Platform pedals due to the simple convenience of use and ability to ride with whatever shoes they want , for other is a necessity due to particulier Fit issues .

the data from Insole Pressure Mapping is giving us some indication that certain platform pedals provide the foot more support then others .

We keep a range of clipless pedals in stock .

Custom Modification's 

We have many years of Fit experience and have developed a great group of fellow Fitters  who we stay in contact with and share challenges and solutions we have come up with , sometimes we run into situations or limitations in equipment that just don't have premade solution available,  so creative creations or modifications happen to achieve the outcomes we are looking for.

( the Mill & Lathe in the service center are mighty handy some days )