TerraTrike makes a wide section of trikes in many styles for  different types of riders.

Our store has limited square footage , so we have chosen to focus our stock  on the Rambler Electric Vehicle Option with the Bosch pedal assist and the Rambler All Terrain , given the terrain of the Palouse these are quite suited to this area.

We can Special Order any of the Terratrike options for you and provided they are aviable and have them here in just a few days.

When you Purchase a TerraTrike from us we add a lot extra value to your purchase 

1. We can assist in guiding you through the options and you can Test ride our existing stock before you buy.  

2.  You get a fully built Trike , our Service center is staffed , trained and fully equipped to built and tune Terratrikes, so you can just enjoy your new Trike with out stressing about a box with a frame ,a bunch of parts and a need for specialty tools .

3. We include 60 days Complimentary Adjustments on your TerraTrike 

4. You get from us  a Certificate good for a Complimentary offseason Tune Up with Ultrasonic Drivetrain Clean (a 149.99 Service )  — good for 2 years  from the Date of Purchase (parts extra...)

5. TerraTrike E.V.O Bosch Electric Assist models additionally come with 

Complimentary Firm Ware Updates for TWO years from the Date of Purchase

along with Complimentary Chain Checker Tool on Select E.V.O Trikes

A Walk through of the TerraTrike Rambler ATB rigged with the Bosch Active Line Pedal Assist 

E.V.O Electric Pedal Assist

A TerraTrike Equipped with a Bosch Pedal assist system is an amazing ride , Hills are made Flat , Wind is banished and every ride is a fun adventure !

Adaptive Fit

Some people have extra challenges to overcome to be able to ride , we have a great depth of experience in adapting the  human  body to  bicycle/trike fit combined with service department that is equipped to  carry out the modifications necessary make riding possible for the challenging fits  

Military Discount Program

TerraTrike will make available a 10% discount off the retail price of all new TerraTrike trikes sold to current and past military personnel through its participating dealers.

Customer must provide a valid military ID to qualify

TerraTrike Rover

TerraTrike Rambler

TerraTrike Rambler ALL TERRAIN

TerraTrike Traveler

TerraTrike Sportster

TerraTrike Gran Tourismo

TerraTrike Tandem Pro

TerraTrike Rover Tandem