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TerraTrike  Electric Vehicle Option E.V.O. 

Transform your ride with an electric assist TerraTrike! The TerraTrike Electric Vehicle Option (E.V.O. for short) is ready to help you venture further and provide some extra assistance whenever you need it! The E.V.O. with Bosch mid drive motor can assist you so that you can  climb hills with ease, maintain your pace on longer rides and increase your overall range.

if you have particular  physical  issues that have made cycling difficult,  a E.V.O system can often be a transformative experience, we have had a number of customers who due to a variety  physical limitations or effects of  aging had stopped cycling, the Terratrike equipped with a  E.V.O along with sometimes a bit of adaptive fitting has been a life changing experience,  allowing them to enjoy again the ability to be physically active and  resume doing the things they loved. Bottom line so long as you can see and move your legs you can ride a Terratrike!

TerraTrike offers one Factory model , The Rambler E.V.O. with a Bosch pedal assist system , however the E.V.O.  Boost Kit system can be set up on most of TerraTrikes models .

We stock a number of Terratrike's that we have set with the E.V.O system , most of the time we have Rambler E.V.O's , Rambler All Terrain's with E.V.O , Traveler's with E.V.O  on the floor ready to go!

We also stock theT erraTrike  E.V.O.  Bosch Boost  kits so we can retrofit  the Bosch  pedal assist system to  most older TerraTrikes , if you are planning on traveling to have us do this please contact us ahead of time so that we can make sure it will fit and have the system  tuned correctly for you trike, as a Bosch certified service center and authorized TerraTrike dealer  Terratrike & Bosch  certain procedures and paperwork required for the retrofit .

Basics of the TerraTrike  Rambler E.V.O. with Bosch Boost 

This trike is powered by the award winning Bosch Active Line Plus motor and the Power Pack 400Wh battery. 

With the Bosch system you will experience the latest in drive technology, including built-in power assistance and fluid shifts, so you can gather speed quickly and almost effortlessly.

 The Bosch system includes a handlebar-mounted controller, the Bosch Purion, which displays all of the critical information that you need at a glance: speed, assist level, battery charge level, distance traveled, and elapsed time. There are four levels of assist from which to choose: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo and each one provides additional power from the previous. 

It’s easy and intuitive to operate; simply turn it on and go ride. It provides power as you shift manually through the gears as you normally would.

 The Bosch PowerPack 400Wh battery is streamlined in shape and securely mounted under the main frame tube, keeping the center of gravity low and the trike balanced. If you’re wondering how far you can travel on a single battery charge, the answer is ‘it depends!’ It depends upon the assist level that you choose, the rider’s weight and gear weight, and the environment. 

Whatever the factors are, you will find yourself riding further than ever before. For your convenience, the lithium-ion battery can be charged on or off the trike with the included charger

Traveler set up with E.V.O Boost kit 

Traveler's set up with a Bosch  Boost kit really make a nice option for who want assist yet maintain the convenience of   easier transportation in smaller vehicles , RV's and home storage  

Rambler Wide Track with Bosch Boost Kit (EVO)

The second generation Rambler Wide Track sports an extra 1.5 inches wider outriggers , this accommodates the wider seat , enhanced turning radius with the 24in wheels and a smoother ride .

It comes with wide range gearing on the rear which makes it perfect for adding the Bosch Boost kit (EVO) as it gives it a awesome low gear for tackling steep hills.

The 24in wheels come stock  with big slicks , as you can see in the photo this build was customized with knobby tires and we also changed the tubes to ones we could add the Bontrager tire sealant to for extra flat protection . 

This trike has the special rating for a 400 lb weight limit 

Rambler All Terrain with Bosch Boost Kit

The Rambler All Terrain is perfectly at home on the paved bike path or exploring the lesser traveled roads .

the larger wheels smooth out bumps in the pavement and can handle unpaved surfaces , the higher seat position is quite comfortable along with being the easiest of all TerraTrikes to get in and out of.

Add a Boost kit and take ramble where ever you want!

accessories seen in the photo above are , Versabars  , headrest , Rear rack , Ortlieb E-mate pannier which has a special pocket for extra battery or a beverage of your choice , and of course the Skull and wrench flag !

Factory Built Rambler E.V.O. Specifications