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Trek & Electra E-Bike Abus Keys

Trek and Electra Abus Keys

if you have a Trek or Electra bicycle in the USA with a key that looks like the one in the photo above 

it is an Abus Plus Key , the photo from the Abus web site shows it with a slightly different head , these are used on the following Trek  & Electra E-bikes with the RIB battery attachment where the Bosch battery  is in the frame like the Allant, Powerfly, Rail , Domane HP, Domane LT, Dualsport , Vale, Townie Path Go!,  and on models where the battery sets into the frame like the Supercommuter , 2018 Powerflys , Police Bikes .

To order from Abus you will need your key number , there should be a card in you owners information with this number , at B&L we also program that key number into our computer system and into the Bosch system so we can see it in our diagnostic system.

Wafer Keys

Abus wafer keys are used on Trek & Electra E-bikes with battery mounted on top of the frames downtube models like the Verve + , Verve 2 + , Loft Go!, Townie Go!, use the wafer key 

NOTE,  there where a batch of the first 2017 Powerflys that where released in the USA in mid season 2016,  that used a AXA key , for those it is best to contact your local dealer , Trek had some Blanks imported and you can have a locksmith cut the key ,

link To ABUS Key Replacement order page