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What types of bicycles do we work on?

“If we sold it, we will work on it”: if you purchased your bicycle from us, new or used, we can service it to the best of our ability. 

We can also work on a wide variety of brands and types of bicycles.

Electric assist bicycles / E-Bikes

We can service any electric assist Bicycle or Tricycle purchased from us so long as electric  service parts  are available.

We are  Bosch , Fazua , Shimano, Hydrive , Hyena  Certified  and have training ,  service tools and diagnostic equipment  for  bicycles of any brand  using those products .  NOTE;  aftermarket "tuning kits "  or non factory certified parts void all warrantees on those systems and can render them non serviceable. 

We do not service or do diagnostics on any other electric assist product, by this we are referring to the electrical system parts.  

Some company's may make false or misleading statements about us servicing their product, unfortunately this normally an attempt  try to duck their obligations when something doesn't work right  or reassure you of local service while selling product that doesn't have it. 

We will work on the mechanical parts of most e-bikes , this includes assembly, shifting , brakes, fixing flats , changing tires ,  etc  , so long as the mechanical parts are common bicycle parts and of a quality we can work on and adjust .

We do not install or service aftermarket kits, most manufactures are not designing  frames or parts for these kits and all warranty's void as soon they are installed . 


Bicycle shop quality bicycles  

 we are a full-service shop capable of working on many different brands and varieties of bicycles.

Recumbent Bicycles and Tricycles 

We service TerraTrike Tricycles and can also work on a number of different recumbents and tricycles , provided parts are available .

Vintage Bicycles 

We can service a wide age  range of quality bicycles . 

older machines can present special challenges in component wear and compatibility, grease is often dried out , rust and corrosion can affect complicate repair work . Age and fatigue cycles  also affect functionality .

in some cases these machines require special knowledge ,tools and techniques , these are often best suited to off season work (November -February) when the shop has time to sort them properly.

Mart  / Department store Bicycles / internet bikes of low quality  

For department store bicycles and Internet Bicycles of low quality , we are generally limited to only performing tube/tire changes. The quality of parts used on these bikes make adjustments difficult to perform.

***Ability to perform repair work on any bicycle will be subject to the age, quality, and condition of the bicycle; as well as availability of parts needed for the repair***

*** Bicycles and components wear as they are used , springs weaken if left in states of tension,   Dirt , grit, wear, mileage will change the function of parts, unless new parts are being used ,  often it is a case of making existing parts  work  Best as Possible " , age and UV light break down rubber components and they often will need replacement depending use and exposure . 

"we are mechanics not magicians ".***

*** Bicycles are surprisingly complex , the average adult bicycle has 237 separate parts , for the bicycle to work properly these parts all have to work together and be inter compatible with each other . we will accept or decline to service  "mix and match bicycles" on a case by case basis. ***