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B&L Bicycles French bicycle stem quill adapter for 22.0 , threadless

B&L Bicycles French bicycle stem quill adapter for 22.0, threadless
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NOTE: the French part being sold is the quill pictured (silver part in first photo ) the threadless stem (black part in other photos) is not included it is there to demonstrate how the quill works with the stem .
Make your French bicycle work with any modern threadless Ahead style stem!

Most older French bicycles use a 22.0 mm stem size that is not compatible with more standard 22.2mm quill stem size , the 22.0 size was discontinued in the 1980’s this makes it almost impossible to find stems for these unique machines .

This quill adapter is machined to fit classic French bicycles that have the 22.0 stem size, it fits 1 1/8in ahead threadless stems that are found on most new bicycles. the quill is aluminum 7075 alloy , I can machine the stem to work with the 1in threadless clamp stems , if you need this make sure to make a note of it when you purchase the adapter.

A few notes

1. The clamping area for the stem on the adapter is 40mm, most stems fit this, with some bulkier clamp designs may hang over a bit, as long a both bolts are clamping over the quill you are fine.

2. Stems have minimum amount of the quill that needs to be in the fork, this quill needs to be inserted 70mm in to the fork.

3. Most French stems that we have measured where actually made to 21.8mm diameter which allowed them to fit into the forks, as the variances in the production tolerances of the bicycle manufactures at that time often would mean some forks where 21.9 and others 22.0, I have chosen to match the 21.8 size that I have found on most of the stems I have measured.

4. Always grease the quill when you insert it in to the steertube of the fork.

5. here is a short youtube clip on these stems

Some common vintage brands that used French threads where Peugeot , Astra , Motobecane & Mercier ( the current inexpensive Chinese made bicycles with these name are not the same company’s as the original French manufactures ) , Gitane , Jeunet , Stella, etc

Part Numbers

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