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All About Battery's

All About E-Bike Battery's

if it is cold outside and you want to be inside so do your battery's 

The battery’s on most of the pedal Assist bikes we carry are mounted to the down tube on the bike , this keeps the center of weight low on the bike and close to the motor so the  connections between the two are short and clean , the battery’s are locked on with a key lock and  can be removed quickly .

The  current  Powerpack’s in our store  range from 252 Watt – 625 watt Lithium-ion battery’s ,  most have a life span of around 1000 charge cycles or  3 - 8 years before  they start to hold less of a charge , Life of the battery depends on how you use it and care for it .  You may charge the battery at any time, the battery’s do not suffer from any memory effect .

Do not store battery’s in excessively hot or cold environments , hot environments over 140 degrees F will damage the battery , cold environments will shorten the distance you get out charge in the battery ( but not hurt or damage the battery itself ) 

For Long term storage of battery’s Shimano recommends a 70 percent charge and charge twice a year, Bosch , Fazua & Hydrive recommend a 40-60 percent charge on theirs for long term storage

Bosch has cold weather covers for externally mounted  battery's to help the battery’s run time in winter use , we recommend them as you get more run time.

These powerpacks and chargers  are engineered to very high standards,  both Bosch , Fazua and  Shimano have met all existing electrical standards  so that the product is safe and reliable .

the manufacture of batteries  is not well regulated  in many countries,  beware of  knock off or imitation products that could have a “Samsung moment “ , in addition some knock off batteries  packs can damage the motor and controller systems or trigger error codes ,  both Bosch ,Fazua & Shimano say the moment you plug in a imitation battery all warranties are void .

see details on Bosch powerpacks

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see details on Fazua Battery 


You charge the system with a charger (included with the bike) that plugs in to standard outlet , on the Fazua &  Shimano system you have to take the battery off to charge it,   on the Bosch system you can plug in the battery either on or off the bike ( seen off the bike above ) .

Charge time for a full charge is about 3 -5 hours depending on system and thanks to the calculations of a local electrical engineer it is approximately 4 cents for a full charge on the Palouse.

it is not a good idea to leave a battery plugged in to the charger for weeks on end, the battery will reach full charge and the charger will shut off , then as the battery discharges a bit the charger will kick back on and charge it up again , this will prematurely  wear the battery out .

The range on a full charge depends on the size of the battery and system, what assist  modes you use, pedaling speed, rolling resistance of tires,   and the terrain,  on low level of assist the Fazua is about 50 miles, Hydrive is about 50 miles ,Shimano  is about 65 miles and the Bosch is about 100 miles (or 200 with rangeboost ) at optimum conditions ,  the head units on both give a running estimation of the range in the battery while riding .

Example,  Sean Ellis who works here,  often rides his Bosch equipped E-bike from his home in Lewiston  , this is a 37 mile commute with 3000 feet of climbing , if he uses the Eco mode of assist he still has about a 1/3 of a charge  left in his battery when he gets to work, if he uses Turbo mode he will run out of battery about Uniontown , in which case he often has a second battery that he will swap out , so he can get to work fast .


The battery systems have a 2 year warranty on them , we have all the diagnostic equipment for both Bosch, Fazua ,Hydrive  and Shimano , we can update firmware and run diagnostics , if you buy the system from us we take care of any issues with the system and  work with the manufactures on your behalf  in the rare case something should happen while your system is under warranty.