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Winter 2021-22 Hours 
November -February

Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm  

Starting March 1 we will return to summer hours and be open Monday -Saturday. 

 Washington State Mask Mandate is in effect .

Beginning Monday, August 23 the state of Washington is again REQUIRING face coverings or masks to be worn indoors for EVERYONE 5 years old and older, regardless of vaccination status.

For more information, please visit the Washington State Department of Health's COVID-19 page  and the Mask Mandate web page.

If you do not wish to comply, we will be happy to meet you on the sidewalk in front of the Shop.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our back entrance is closed to customer walk through , use the main entrance on main st.

Due to the affects of Covid and the massive impact it has had on the bicycle industry we have had to change how we operate as store, we can not depend on our suppliers having bikes, accessories and parts , we are essentially  having to operate a mini  onsite warehouse to provide product. 

Our store layout has changed and we have converted about 2/3 of what was our showroom and fit studio space to warehouse space for storage of product and repair customers bicycles , this space is not retail shoppable now and is for employees only , the front area of the store is where customers can shop , we will bring product from the warehouse space out to the customer shopping area as necessary.

see our policy's for how we are operating at this time 

Ride a Bicycle ! (or a Trike) 

This area is a fantastic place to ride .

We stock a great selection of Electric pedal assist bicycles and Trikes from Trek , Electra  & Terratrike .

We Stock also stock a range Traditional non electric Bicycles and trikes  from Trek , Electra & Terratrike

About bicycle availability

We add a lot of Value to your bicycle purchase see why! 

See E-Bikes Now ! 

See Bicycles Now !

Welcome to The World of TerraTrike 

Why TerraTrike ? Because they build the worlds most comfortable recumbent Trikes and are committed to helping  people get outside , get healthy and ride in comfort .

What makes people want to ride a Trike? Maybe a Doctor told them to get off the couch . Maybe riders just want to ride in comfort . Maybe it's because a Trike feels like a pedal powered go-cart and is just a blast to ride . On the other hand maybe there are other physical challenges that someone wants to overcome.

TerraTrike offers a broad range of outstanding Trikes, Stop by the Store and take a look or a test spin.

 We are a Terratrike top 20 dealer nationwide! 

See TerraTrikes 

See Electric Pedal Assist TerraTrikes   

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes 

Have you tried one?

The latest in technology, design, and reliability create an unforgettable cycling experience.

Bicycling is so much fun when you can make the hills and wind go away!

Stop by for a test ride today -- we dare you not to smile!

Click the link below to watch the quick guide to E-Bikes by Bike legend Gary Fisher  

See E-Bikes we carry !

E-Bike Maintenance and System Details

TerraTrike E-Trikes !

Read Our Reviews

We can fix the bike you love!

Our full service Tech Center is ready to get you back on the road as soon as possible 

Bicycle Fitting 

Bike Fitting Solutions, a fit customized for you!  

See our Fitting solutions 

Our Fitting qualifications

Bicycle Rentals

Bicycle rentals are suspended at this time, due to bicycle shortages and Covid cleaning procedures .

we do not expect to have rentals available again  till 2023 or 2024

in normal  times we have Electric Assist Bicycles , Electric Assist TerraTrikes  & standard bikes for rental 

Bicycle Art

Using Bicycle parts for art and functional items is a long tradition at B&L.

Shortly after starting the store in 1996 the need for a proper toilet  paper holder was needed so I fabricated one using dead bicycle parts that where lying around, it is still in use today .

Over the years bicycle parts have been incorporated a number of different places in the store.

Today  Bicycle art is one of my hobbies, the pieces that are created vary depending on the season and mood.

most pieces can be purchased.  this is a hobby and my real job of running a bicycle shop  takes up most of my time so art work is done at my whim.

for viewing most current pieces see @blbicycles on instagram or the stores Facebook page B & L Bicycles .

Brice Erickson 

click here Bicycle art