Bicycle Advocacy

Trek Bicycles and B&L Bicycles involvement in bicycle Advocacy

For several years Trek had been involved with bicycle advocacy on a number of different levels.  Currently for every helmet they  they donate to $1 for every helmet they sell to The Bicycle Friendly Communities Innitiative of the League of American Bicyclists.  The goal of this innitiative is to help states improve their bicycle infrastructure and provide safer places for people to ride their bikes.  

Trek also donates $10 for every full suspension bike that they sell to the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). IMBA is an organziation that builds, enhances and preserves mountain bike trails throughout the world.  Without them there would be fewer places to go ride a bicycle off road.

Starting in 2014 B&L Bicycles is going to match Trek's efforts to offer people more and better and safer places to ride.  We will donate  $1 for every helmet we sell and $10.00 for all Full Suspension bikes that well sell.