Advantages of Bicycling

Advantages of Bicycling for Your Health and the Environment

 "Bicycling Is The Most Efficient Form Of Transportation Ever Invented."

"You Get Exercise From Bicycling."

"Save Travel Money By Biking."

"Your Commute Will Be The Best Part Of Your Day Instead Of The Worst Part Of Your Day."

"Cycling Is Low Impact On The Body".

"Cycling Is Low Impact On The Environment."

"Feel the Self-satisfaction Of Biking Past A Traffic Jam In The Bike Lane."

"Reduce Air Pollution -- Bicyclist Emit Few Gases."

"Reduce Water Pollution -- Bikes Don't Drip Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Transmission Fluid, Etc."

"Reduces Road Wear -- Even If Cyclist Feel Like They Have The Weight Of The World On Their Shoulders."

"A four mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air we breathe."

"Bikes Small Profile Reduce Congestion."

"Bicycling Improves Cardio-Vascular Health"

"New bicycle commuters can expect to lose 13 pounds their first year of bicycle commuting."

"Bicycling Gives You More Fresh Air Than A Sauna And You Can Still Sweat And Clean Your Pores"

"One hundred calories can power a cyclist for three miles, but it would only power a car 280 feet"

"A nationally known problem is that many Americans are out of shape, and maintaining the health care system, publicly and privately, is becoming more expensive every year. A fundamental cause of heart disease and other ailments is lack of exercise. Studies have shown that as little as 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, 3 times a week, will improve a person's basal metabolism (the rate the body burns energy at rest). Bicycling to work, even at a relaxed pace of 12 miles/hour, 5 days a week will exceed these requirements by a hefty margin, burning a large sum of calories directly as well as at rest, burning fat, improving energy and axing the chance of heart disease and cancer, two of the most dire health risks around."

"The average car uses 1800 calories per mile the average person uses 35 calories to go a mile, a 50 fold difference."

"The average car travelling 1000 miles puts 2500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the average person puts 32 pounds of carbon into the air per 1000 miles."

"By using your bike or walking for short trips (25% of car trips in the U.S. are one mile or less) and working up to longer rides, you'll be decreasing your own green house gas emissions. In a year, the typical North American car will add close to five tons of CO2 into the atmosphere."

"A gallon of gasoline produces 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. A car driven 12,000 miles annually that gets 25 miles to the gallon produces nearly 1/2 ton of carbon dioxide."

"The U.S. could save 462 million gallons of gasoline a year by increasing cycling from 1% to 1.5% of all trips."

"In 2003, cars stalled in traffic wasted 5 billion gallons of fuel."

"Cyclists make better lovers. According to a study led by Dr. Romualdo Belardinelli, director of the Lancisi Heart Institute in Ancona, Italy, the results of aerobic exercise are comparable to those of Viagra, because both widen blood vessels. Hmmm... that's a little scary. Our point is that regular exercise like cycling, will make you feel better, increase your energy and even help you look better, too. All of which make you more interesting to and interested in the opposite sex."  Or even the same sex, who are we to judge?


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