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Bicycle Art  with Chain , Cogs , Figures, Etc made from Recycled Bicycle parts

Terratrike  made with all bicycle parts except the Railroad spike and small piece of copper .

Wheelie , made with parts from the store except the railroad spike 

one of the first figures I did, made for my daughter a Viola player .

"Fixing the loose nut on the saddle"   even has its own EVT work stand !

Celebrating Brice and Leanne's 30th wedding anniversary

Valentine's Day 

Nothing  says love like bicycles !

or in this case  Bike Art 

 "The busy heart"  , made with bicycle parts and other bits and pieces 

aviable seasonally see in catalog to purchase  

chain and cog hearts 

Fall- Halloween

Halloween is fertile ground for Bike Art 

Meet Jack ,  Pumpkin #1  made entirely from bicycle parts .

Spidey , when good parts go bad  

"Running Amuck " 

Jack 'O' Lantern #2  ,  all bicycle parts ,  his eyes even flash thanks to a set of Bontrager Flare lights !

'Careful with the axe Eugene" 


'Bike Bug" 

war with the doll , when my son was little a catapult got made using a dead Kooka crank arm and a bit of rear derailleur, this  semi unsafe toy got a lot of use , seen here about to launch a rubber mouse at his sisters doll .  the jack 'O' Lantern in the background gave the picture a eerie Halloween feel !


its Turkey Time !

Turkey #1 

it started as bit of challenge after making a series of Halloween figures,  could I make a turkey out of bicycle parts?

This is the Turkey  happened, as soon as a picture was posted the people started asking if they where for sale ?  the next thing I knew a few flocks where created and I have not viewed a dead cassette in the same way .

these are a seasonal specialty and if you want one of your own enquire in October or early November. 

"Flock " 

Winter - Holiday Season

During the holiday season we have a number Bike art available to purchase .


Bike chain Star ,  these make great Christmas tree ornaments or put it on a key ring 

"Frosty" these snowmen are made from all bicycle parts and each is unique.

"Shoveling "  got to keep the sidewalk clear !

Trees and Stars 

Double sided ornaments with cog and stars .

"Running Amuck" part 2  when the holidays start to overlap !