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Bicycle Availability 

A few things to know about bicycle industry at this time .
1. covid affected manufacturing heavily in 2020.
2. demand increased for bicycles globally .
3. shipping times increased dramatically.
4. the average adult bicycle has 238 unique parts , if one part is unavailable the whole bike is delayed in production
5. current lead times on new bicycles range from 250 days -540 days now
6. product you see in our inventory currently , was most often ordered close to a year in advance .
7. we have extensive backorders with our suppliers, with bicycles coming in all the time , if you want a bike we have ordered and is not here yet , we can give approximate estimated times of arrival (ETA ) ( these times can move and are not under our control ) to secure a bicycle that is already ordered in our system a 50 % deposit is required .
8. current guesses on bicycle shortages from industry experts is that it will continue into 2023 or possibly 2024.