Pedal Assist Electric Bikes 

Have you tried one recently ?

The technology, design and reliability has arrived !  

bicycling  is so much fun when you can make the hills and wind go away if you wish .

Stop by for a test ride today , we dare you not to smile ! 

A quick guide to  What is an E-Bike ? (by Bicycle Legend Gary Fisher ) 

E-Bike maintenance and system details


Townie GO! 

The Electra Townie Go is a very comfort oriented e-bike (with Flat Foot Technology)  , it's easy to ride ,  simple to operate , stylish and customizable with Electra's line of matched  accessories  ,

it offers a fun ride , the stylish elegance of a cruiser and the practicality being ready for daily use wherever you want to ride it!  

Townie Go! Step thru

Townie Go! Step Over  

Loft Go!

The Electra Loft Go! a total urban solution!  A classic upright position and styling that  puts you in control and is intuitive to ride (with Flat Foot Technology)   , ready for the daily trips around town (or adventures  around the countryside )  it comes with racks to carry your stuff , fenders to keep the water of you , lights for safety , sturdy oversized tires for handling  potholes and urban pavement , powerful disc brakes for control on  the steep hills . 

Loft Go!

Townie Commute Go!

Simple to use and fun to ride, the Townie Commute Go! comes standard with all the upgrades needed for a long, sweat-free ride to work. Color-matched fenders ensure a clean ride in all conditions, heavy-duty front and rear racks let you carry everything you need for the trip, and front and rear lighting show you the way home safely. It’s all supported by sturdy   puncture-resistant tires and hydraulic disc brakes that can handle whatever you throw at them, (with Flat Foot Technology)

Townie Commute Go! Step throu

Townie Commute Go! Step over

Ace of Spades Go!

Go  as fast as you want. Go as far as you want. Go as fly as you want. This limited-edition cruiser e-bike is outfitted with the Bosch Performance System offering four levels of power support from Eco to Turbo mode, putting all the power in your hands. Or feet, as it were. The Ace of Spades Go! offers the comfort and control of Flat Foot Technology® and custom detailing for enhanced baddassery on the blacked-out hydroform frame, fenders and saddle. This bike is the perfect combination of style, substance and power. 

Super Commuter+

The ultimate reason to leave the car at home!

Ditch the parking pass and smile all the way to work ( or if you are retired just wave and keep on rolling )  this bikes sleek lines with its low center of weight is incredibly balanced , stable and  yet nimble in it's handling , rigged with heavy duty fenders , rear rack and high powered light system, it rolls wherever you choose to go , the wheels are capable of handling big road tires , full on mtn tires or winter studded tires .  it won Speed Bike of the year for 2017  in europe. 

it comes in two flavors 

The up to 28 mph Super Commuter+ 8S (class 3 assist) 

The up to 20 mph Super Commuter+ 7  (class 1 assist) 

See it in action !

Trek Verve+

Anything is possible

Verve+ is the e-bike hybrid that makes you fall in love with riding again. The smooth, powerful electric boost lets you do more by bike, and have more fun doing it.

Ride farther with less effort, run errands, grab groceries, and get to work on time without breaking a sweat. However you like to ride, Verve+ makes it easy to spend more time on two wheels.

See it in action ! 

Verve+ Low step 

Verve+ Step over

overview of all treks Hybrid E-Bikes  

Powerfly Full Suspension 

"A bucketload of FUN" (according to Bikeradar)  These bikes are amazingly smooth  , they go anywhere ,  trails , gravel roads , urban streets, with the Bosch mtn pedal assist system it scoots down the pavement like a road bike , climbs steep trails, conquers rough terrain and is at home exploring  the dirt roads for hours on end .

Powerflys come in a number of  varieties with options like Regular  Sized or Mid Fat tires and wheels , Long and Mid travel suspension platforms , Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Frames . 

 See in action!

Full Suspension Powerflys

More Powerfly FS Fun Action 

Powerfly 5 Mtn Bike 

The Powerfly 5  is a very versatile E-bike. set up stock out of the box as full on mtn machine ready to take on the trails , however it is fully customizable so it can be used a  daily commuter with racks ,fenders and a kickstand  or rig it for all day gravel ride adventures.

 Don't want to be fenced in ?  the powerfly 5 gives you the options to follow your dreams 

Powerfly eMTB Video

Powerfly 5 

Powerfly 5 women's

Crossrip +

Always fast, always fun

CrossRip+ is the e-bike that pairs the efficiency of a road bike with the capability of a high-performance pedal-assist system. Ride farther faster with sustained speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

CrossRip+ flies on workday commutes and weekend adventures. Integrated lights, fenders, and a removable rack make this e-bike perfectly suited for fast rides, heavy loads, and a whole lot of fun.

See in action !

More Crossrip action