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Service Packages are the best way to take care of your bike.

You take your bike to a shop's service center because you want to take care of your bike and not have to worry. You want to enjoy your bike ride without thinking about what might break next or be bothered by a noise. You just want the bike to work so you can have fun!

At B&L Bicycles we believe the best way to achieve this is by getting a tune up package on your bike. When you get a tune up packages, it bundles together common services in such a way that it saves us time, and saves you money. Our service packages include a lot of the most common preventative maintenance measures for most bikes. Preventative maintenance extends the life of your bike and helps you avoid trail or road side break downs. Just like with a car, bringing your bike in for preventative maintenance can save you money in costly repairs later.

Essential Maintenance 


The essential maintenance package bundles together the most common, most frequently needed service items with basic preventative maintenance measures to keep you bike running smooth. This packages is perfect for the occasional rider, or for frequent riders between bigger tune ups. The Essential Maintenance package includes:

  • Bike Wash - The simplest way to maintain a bike is to give it a wash. We remove the wheels and wash the bike and wheels separately so we can get into those hard to reach places. Not only does the bike come back to you looking much cleaner, but the wash also removes grit from some of the mechanical components allowing them to move more freely. This means your bike works better and lasts longer.
  • Minor wheel true - We make sure your wheels are true, so they spin freely between the brake pads.
  • Front and rear brake adjustments - In Pullman and Moscow, brakes are everything. Even if you’re not going up and down hills all day, you still want your brakes to work. We adjust the brakes to make sure that when you pull the brake lever, your brakes are there for you.
  • Front and rear shifting adjustments - Shifters come out of tune more than anything else on a bike, and it can be more than just annoying. A bad shift can cause a broken chain or broken wheel and derailleur.
  • The essential maintenance includes installation of brake pads, chain, tube and tire installs.
  • Every bike gets a safety check - Safety is our primary concern so every bike we work on gets a safety check where we run through every bolt on your bike to make sure it’s torqued and safe.

Complete Tune Up with Ultrasonic Clean 


Our most popular tune-up package, the Ultrasonic tune is a more in-depth tune than the Essential Maintenance. You will get everything offered for the Essential Maintenance plus:

  • Removal of drivetrain components (derailleurs, front and rear, Crankset, chain and cassette) with cleaning in our ultrasonic tank.
  • Standard wheel true with hub adjustments
  • Frame wash without components attached, this is a much more thorough wash.
  • Install of Bottom Bracket, externally routed cable/housing, wrapping of bar tape (bar tape must be replaced if cable/housing need replacing)

The Works 


This is our most in-depth service package. A total tear-down and re-build. This service will strip your bike of all components including fork and headset. We then wash and dry the frame, spray the inside with frame protectant and rebuild the bike from the ground up. With this service we recommend replacement of any components that may be getting worn, including, but not limited to, cable and housing, chains, bottom bracket and headset. If you are looking to upgrade your drive train, this is a good time to do so.

This service is recommended for daily riders and racers riding in wet and/or muddy conditions once every 2-3 years, enthusiasts once every 3-5 years and for casual riders once every 5+ years.