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Bontrager R455 700c 28 hole Rim made in USA Clincher
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Bontrager R455 28 hole rim 700c clincher this rim is made in the USA and uses a patented welded machined seam where the rim is joined, that makes for a very strong , light rim the weight is only 455g. This alloy rim is stainless steel eyeletted for extra durability. the shape is 21.5mm tall, 19mm wide with a braking surface of 10.5 mm tall (this is big deal as it gives you more room to set up brake pads on the rim). use 597mm to calculate spoke length using wheelsmith or DT spoke calc method. ERD is 593 In the shop these are a favorite rim to build wheels with and Bontrager has discontinued them as they focus on built wheel systems, so get your's soon before we run out , otherwise the closest rim we can find to this is the DT Swiss RR465 which is a nice rim but we feel the Bontranger 455 is a nicer rim with it's tall braking surface and stainless eyelets .
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