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Suntour Suntour 6 speed rear shifter , SRAM Derailleur compatible

Suntour Suntour 6 speed rear shifter, SRAM Derailleur compatible
Suntour shift lever 6 speed
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Very nicely made grip shift shifter , the sturdy cast alloy body means no broken or cracked pieces down the road (the reason most plastic shifters need to be replaced to start with) .
this is made by SR Suntour and is compatible with SRAM derailleurs. it is 6 speed indexed (click shift) , has cable tension adjustment and includes the the shifter cable.
it is an excellent choice for repairing a broken or worn shifters and they work very well on children s bicycles due to the smaller diameter grip size .

Part Numbers

SHI337525417 SHI337525417