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See what happens in a Level 2 Precision Fit

Definition of Bike Fit & Cycle Analysis

Bicycle fit is the mechanics of matching a bicycle to the human body.

Cycling Analysis is the collecting of data about the body, it’s structural shape, range of motion, muscle composition,  flexibility, strength, weakness, injuries, asymmetries, sensitivity combined with the goals and aspirations of the rider.   Using that data as the evidence and roadmap to create a position on the bicycle that supports the body from a biomechanical stand point, maximizes comfort, efficiency, minimizes wear on joints and optimizes goals and aspirations of the rider .

We offer three different levels of Fits & Cycle Analysis, below is a summary of each step in our Precision Fit and Cycle Analysis level 2.

The Interview

We begin the cycling analysis with a detailed interview in which we document your cycling history, injury history, goals, current discomfort and any positional concerns that you have. The interview process plays a critical role in assessing how your current equipment’s serves cycling performance and comfort needs. We pay particular attention to your contact points on the bicycle and your future equipment or bicycle needs.

Function tests and measurements

The assessment of a cyclist’s flexibility, asymmetries, strengths and weaknesses provides the necessary information to define what bike position your body can tolerate. The physical assessment provides the evidence and roadmap for the fitting, it is critical in creating a safe, appropriate position for cyclists and triathletes of all levels. It would be impossible to conduct an accurate Cycling Analysis without a good understanding of any potential limitations.  In our level 2 Fit and Cycling Analysis  we do over 65 individual measurements and function tests. 

The Foot

The foot is the final contact point as your power is applied to the pedals, and it is an important element in the fitting process. We evaluate the foot in a static and dynamic posture to identify opportunities to improve comfort, alignment or power transfer. The foot assessment data is utilized to determine if your current shoes, pedals and cleats are the appropriate biomechanical and ergonomic solution.

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Starting on the bike fit

The on the bike portion of your cycling analysis begins with transferring your pre fit measurements from your current bicycle (if applicable ) to the Precision fit cycle, starting with a 360° high speed motion capture and sophisticated Saddle Pressure Mapping and Insole Pressure Mapping   We analyze the biomechanical data alongside the contact point data to construct a complete picture of how you are interacting with your bicycle. Our cycling analysis professionals will sit with you to explain the relevance of all the data and how it relates to your cycling experience. The physical assessments and foot evaluation is critical to accurately understand the biomechanical and pressure data.


The Precision Fit Size Cycle

The Precision Fit Size Cycle is the ultimate Cycling Analysis tool, the position of the handlebars and saddle are infinitely adjustable. This means that the fitter can concentrate on what is perfect for the client and not just a compromised solution on a particular bike, model or brand. In other words the fitters only consideration is that one person and their optimal position with no compromises! Saddle changes are effortless and all crank length options can be evaluated quickly and efficiently.

The Precision fit cycle is a dynamic machine when equipped with a Powerbahn patented natural resistance unit that mimic’s real world riding, simulating the gears on the bike and grades up to 20 percent and measuring power in watt output in the thousands of a second .

Why does this matter? This gives the most realistic simulation to how the body is interacting with the bicycle out in the real world  and  it is not uncommon that the geometry and size of your bicycle is preventing you from being comfortable. Triathlon and TT bikes can sometimes be very time consuming to adjust, these problems do not exist on the Size Cycle and the fitting process is much more efficient. The size cycle removed the possibility that your existing bike prevents you attaining your ideal fit and performance

Saddle Pressure Analysis Technology

The first step to a good fit is getting the pelvis supported in a stable, comfortable position, the best way to do this is to be able to see how the pelvic structure is interacting with the saddle while the body is in motion, due to the saddle being a major contact and weight bearing area the saddle / pelvic fit affects all the other areas of the body, we use the data it provides all through the fitting and cycling analysis process. 

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Insole Pressure Mapping 

GebioMized Insole Pressure Analysis Data, allows us to precisely measure what the foot is doing in the pedal stroke.

The proper support and positioning of foot affects the power produced at the pedal and also impacts up the kinetic chain  affecting the knees , hips , pelvic structure, all the up to the skull.    

Insole Pressure Analysis Details

High Speed Motion Capture

High Speed Motion Capture, the human eye can capture approximately 16 frames a second, the ability to film and slow down the movement creates very valuable data points, the fitter can look at different areas of the body at the same time, see the effects of changes in positioning and equipment on the size cycle. The twin wall mounted cameras in the fit area are calibrated to the size cycle this allows for accurate measurements in millimeters and platform is rigged on single point turning axis so a single180 rotation allows for 360 motion capture, the cameras input High is controlled by the Precision Fit capture software that allows the fitter creation of detailed analysis point , multiple speed playback and reports 

Completing on the Bike fit

During the Cycling Analysis and fit process we cross correlate and bring together the data from the function testing, Saddle pressure mapping, high speed motion capture, the Precision fit cycle, and Power analytics and combined with our extensive fitting experience,  We then have an evidenced based fit that match’s the bicycle to the body .

 At the start of the fit we high speed film 360 degrees and Pressure map the saddle, through the fit process we continue documenting with the  filming and  pressure mapping as we make changes at the end of the fitting and Analysis we take a final 360 film and pressure mapping and record the ideal position from the size cycle .



Once your Cycling Analysis & Fitting is complete, we recommend changes and the equipment (if necessary) to get your optimal fit as close as possible onto your current bike or a new bicycle. It is not uncommon to need a new saddle, stem, handlebar, shoe etc. to optimize your cycling experience. The initial recommendations to achieve your optimal fit are included in the Cycling Analysis session or you can opt to search for a new bicycle option (it is helpful to research what brands and models that you are potentially interested in). B&L employs sophisticated software that will impartially search for your perfect fit solution with complete disregard to brand or model. You can of course choose specific brands, sizes and models that you are interested in. Additional “shopping” sessions* can be booked after the fitting or in conjunction with the fit booking if you are interested in several options and want to define what is best for you. We want you to be happy and will offer as much or as little help as you want to find your personal cycling Nirvana.

Any changes in position or equipment will be discussed so that the solution is matched your needs and budget. One of our main goals during the analysis is to make sure you feel informed and part of the decision making process. We are a full service retailer that can get your existing bike dialed in or sell you a bicycle or help you buy a bike from your favorite store or brand* Parts and labor are not included in the price of the Cycling analysis service. If we need to change components or parts on your existing bicycle. Our Head Technician can provide you with a written estimate prior to any service taking place.

*additional fees may apply

Documentation & follow up

At the end of the fitting we will e-mail you the Cycling Analysis and fit report , the Motion Capture data point report and Screen shots from the Saddle pressure analysis reports.

We want our cycling analysis & fit to be effective, we like to see you back in the store to check the position or at the very least if all is working well have follow up conversation to make sure our work is effective in 3-6 weeks from the fitting.

All Cycling Analysis & Fits come with a 4 month guarantee.