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Trek and Electra Kids Bikes

Trek Kids Bikes

Trek kids bikes feature a number of unique details that make kids love their bikes .

The fit of the bicycle is customized to the size of the rider , details like smaller hand grips give a firmer grasp of the handlebars , the seats are sized for a smaller pelvic structure ,  crank arm length is adjustable to accommodate growing legs , where hand brakes are used the levers are designed for shorter fingers (with the hills around here stopping safely is a big deal ) see our notes on Bike Sizing and fitting .

The frames are made of lightweight Aluminum and each part is picked for smooth function , weight and durability , this allows for the child to have a  feeling of control ,  stability and predictable ride ,  a bike that weighs as much as the rider is often awkward to ride and unsafe .

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Electra Kids Bikes

Electra Kids Bikes

Electra’s bikes are classic, stylish and fun , they are high quality , very durable ,  they use a unique flat foot design that puts the riders feet closer to the ground , on the 20 inch models they offer an option that has a coaster brake and a three speed hub this allows for a rider with less hand strength to be able to use their body weight  to brake and have speed ranges , on the hilly Palouse this is a nice option .

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