we stock over 180+ unique saddle shapes 

Here is a bit about  some of the main saddles  we stock .

our store saddle stock and companies  change as new products are developed

Bontrager Saddles 

Bontrager was  one of the first saddle makers to design saddles using Saddle Pressure Mapping and are now constantly improving their  designs using the research, they design around a concept called Posture Position , with posture 5 being the most upright and posture 1 the most aggressive ,  they offer saddles in 6 different pelvic widths and multiple options in shape and material softness and firmness. 

Cloud Nine Saddles

Cloud Nine offers saddles in a wide range of shapes from fairly narrow to exercycle seats , a number of models  have a softer covers and well placed relief areas  that are helpful for those  with thinner or sensitive tissue .

Serfas Saddles

Sefas has a many  innovative saddles ranging from cruiser shapes to trialthion .

their RX line of saddles is  especially  innovative and  works well for certain positions and pelvic shapes .

they offer a number of unique features and shapes that have earned them a place on our wall .

Selle SMP Saddles 

SMP saddles makes a broad range of saddle designs featuring  a unique shape that really works well for some people , using  a very defined support area and pressure relief zone,  they hold 4 international  patents on their design and where  developed  in association with a team of  medical specialists  .

They take great pride in their craftsmanship and are 100% made in Italy  

Bike Fitter Steve Hoggs All About SMP 

Cobb Saddles 

Founder John Cobb is well known in the Triathlon industry as a long time expert  on aerodynamics , saddle design and bikefit, if some of the saddle designs seem familiar that is because he did design work for other saddle makers before producing his own saddles  in 2008 .

There are certain fits and pelvic shapes that Cobb saddles really work well with .

WTB Saddles 

Wilderness Trail Bikes is a long time saddle and components maker, one of the first to design saddles for mtn bikes in the 80s  , they have developed a broad range of saddles  with multiple widths, shapes and sizes for all types of riding .

they use a number of  proprietary designs and as a rule have a little flatter profile 

Brooks Saddles 

Mr Brooks designed his first bicycle saddle in 1878 ,  their leather saddles are legendary in the bicycle world both for fit and design , some people hate them, while  others passionately love them .

success with Brooks saddles require getting the correct shape , the right bike fit and  patience in the break in process.  with proper care they will last a very long time 

Selle Italia Saddles 

Selle Italia dates back to 1897 , they make a broad range of saddles, there are select  models we stock that provide a particular fit and shape we are looking for.

ISM Saddles

primarily known for their triathlon saddles like the Adamo (originally designed by John Cobb )  they also make some very unique comfort & city saddles .

positioning is very critical and they tend to be wide , depending on the pelvic shape , shape of the head of the femur and shape of tissue they can cause problems or solve them .

gebioMized Saddles

the Evolution of the saddle , these saddles are a result of 15 years of intensive research, more then 50,000 pressure mappings , what makes these special ? they reduce pressure on the saddle by up to 25% .

More comfort ,more performance , more riding joy !

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