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TerraTrike Recumbent Tricycle Adaptive Fitting

TerraTrike Adaptive Fitting  

Recumbent Tricycles can be modified to accommodate many issues that normally prevent people from riding .

Physical injuries , body damage, disabilities, aging , body size and shape are among some of the common reasons for needing adaptive fit to make the equipment match the body and ability.

Here at B&L we are able  combine some of the unique areas we specialize in such as advanced  Bicycle fitting , mechanic / machinist skills , certified Bosch E-Bike service center  and use the years of bicycle experience  to enable us to make machines accommodate unique needs of our customers .

Using crank arm modifications to accommodate fit .

in this video the issue we where addressing was a knee joint that had a reduced range of motion, by creating a shorter effective crank length the size of the pedaling circle was reduced , this made the "step " smaller making it less stressful to pedal .

this principle also works for hip joints that have reduced range of motion.

 Another use  is with larger riders who  have issues with the leg contacting the abdomen or having the calf muscle pinch  on the hamstring  during the pedal stroke .

these principles also work on traditional upright bicycles

Adaptive Gearing 

we are in a area with steep hills , sometimes the stock gearing is not low enough (easy to pedal)  for riders to comfortably make it up steeper grades , with a Trike we are not concerned with balance while pedaling slower or  having  less resistance is not a issue. 

some folks have found on  the steepest grades even with a Bosch electric assist they want a little lower gears .

we have done  the research and testing and for most TerraTrikes we can make them quite a bit easier to pedal on the hills ,

One customer has told us "TerraTrike aught offer  Trikes with B&L special Palouse gearing "  we aren't holding our breath for that product , so in the meantime we will continue to offer lower gearing conversion services ;-)

Adaptive Foot Support

in the above picture is what happens when a 6E width foot meets a stock pedal on a TerraTrike, adaptive fitting and modifications where  needed , we  milled off the back edge of a pair Big Earl pedals to mount the TerraTrike heel straps  to a much bigger platform , added 20mm Bike Fit Pedal spacers and the support of the foot was much improved.

there are a number of interventions and adaptions   we can do depending on what the foot and kinetic support chain need to be stable  and supported .